I Am Really Bad at Drawing and I Am OK with It…

…  To some extent…

I spent the better part of December trying to copy Bargue plates.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I was doing.

I tackled the first plate head on.71_plate_i_psyche_of_naples

I didn’t know that students usually take months to finish one of these.  Also, I had chosen the wrong plate to start – this head is for those who are more intermediate to advance in the Charles Bargue program.

I attempted to copy it simply by observation.  Here are the results:


Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Yes, world. You can go ahead and laugh.  I would, too.


As you can see, there isn’t one iota of resemblance between my attempt and the original.  I have been very reluctant to post my results, but the point of this blog is to keep me accountable.  So I am forcing myself to do it.

This is my starting point.  From here, I can only get better… Is my hope.



  1. You’re so far ahead of where was when I started my art studies! I truly couldn’t draw a straight line. I spent a lot of time learning basic shapes and shading — I drew countless spheres and squares and cylinders. I still go back and practice those basic shapes from time to time. The important thing, of course, is to keep at it. I got into the habit of drawing every day — and everything. Most of my drawings were awful, but I learned from each one. I look forward to seeing where you’ll go from here since you’re already off to a great start.

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    1. I can relate with the basic shapes stage. I have to start with basic shapes, too. It’s not easy. It takes me forever to freehand a basic square that’s proportionally right. I have to be honest and say that I also need to practice on developing the habit of drawing everyday. All in due time…

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      1. Squares and rectangles still get me down…which is why I draw very few buildings LOL. It’s so hard to get the angles and proportions right. I keep trying, though. Maybe someday I’ll get better.

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  2. my two cents worth:
    think about using the computer to create art
    you don’t have to draw
    you don’t have to paint
    you just create
    I am an old school art person
    and I cannot believe the endless years
    I put into painting
    seriously expensive
    harmful supplies
    no market
    ———something to think about

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